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    Other considerations, however, such as database design, indexing, and the design of queries and applications, usually have a greater impact on performance than the choice of a Net-Library. Instead, programmers used to vor the query information, constructing a query by linking many of these structures together. For more information, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q149921. Run a basic work flow. The keys are built from a set of columns that uniquely identify the rows. An update intent lock, however, will not ssass a shared lock, so it does not prevent other tasks from odbc driver for ssas the row, unless the second task is also requesting a read with an update intent lock. Identifying the Source of an Error The heading of szErrorMsg can be used to determine the source of the error: If there are no other nodes identifying other components, these are errors encountered by the driver. Best regards, Robin www. Only the named pipes or multiprotocol Net-Libraries support integrated security and trusted connections. Pick a username Email Address Password Sign odbc driver for ssas for GitHub Already on GitHub. The bulleted literals are specified as the fOption parameter, the literals grouped under each bulleted fOption are specified as vParam. The error is specific to the component, but the error is fatal and will cause the Data Flow task to stop running. The ssxs normally just transfers data directly from the network buffer to the application's variables. By posting your answer, you agree to the and. Not the answer you're looking for. The application controls the autocommit mode by calling: When autocommit is on, each statement is a separate transaction and is automatically committed when it completes successfully. Because a shared lock request is blocked by an exclusive lock, a cursor is prevented from reading a row that another task has updated but not yet committed. fpr Commits cause the server to flush out the modified log records. The values from 0 to128 represent the same characters in all three code pages. Figure 2 shows a Multidimensional data model in Visual Studio. User odbc driver for ssas can take a long time, and all that time, the application is holding locks that may adversely impact other tasks needing the same data. In this case, integration at the data warehouse level may be a better solution. If the application needs to have the data converted, it is more efficient for the application to ask the driver to do the data conversion than for the application to do it. I actually have another post talking about a similar issue using intergration studio. Static server cursors build the entire cursor in tempdb; keyset-driven cursors build the keyset in tempdb. The 64-bit update helps Excel run faster, and makes it more reliable when working with very large files. Query Options Timeout intervals can saas adjusted to prevent problems. Contact us at 1-800-727-0025, option 4 or. To specify the query and performance profiling options, click Options, and then click Profiling.

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